Green Preconstruction Services are very different than your typical project.  In a typical project, many General Contractors price up what the designers draw without regard for life-cycle costs and/or operational efficiencies.  

Preconstruction Services for a Sustainable Construction Project have to take into account three things: Upfront Capital Costs for sustainable elements baselined against what a more conventional system element might cost; System payback analysis, that is, how long will the energy savings and/or longevity of the system take before it offsets the additional upfront capital cost and start adding to the ROI of the project; Operations & Maintenance Issues.  Is the sustainable system so intricate that training employees is costly and held captive to employee turnover?

QuEst will evaluate all 3 components so that you can make a decision based upon the economics of the system to achieve your sustainable goals.

Cost vs. Sense

A wise person once said, "There are many roads that lead to the same destination."  This certainly applies to Sustainable Design & Construction Practices.  With a project certification goal in mind, QuEst can give you a 
road map to your goal that will maximize energy & cost savings all the while minimizing upfront capital cost.

We will show you the various methods to reach your goal and what it will 
cost so that you can make a decision for your project that is based on facts, not emotion.  

Owners are frequently surprised at how little it does cost to reach sustainability goals if 
you have the decisions before the project is designed.


Sustainable Design and Construction Practices have been around for decades now, and everyone thinks they are an "expert" because they have passed a knowledge test.  In reality, those of us in the Construction Industry who have been around and had the experience of knowing what works and what doesn't in a practical sense, are the ones you need on your team.  

LEED has become somewhat controversial in nature due to the abundance of differing opinions floating around the industry.  It has become a substantial added expense, and sometimes a burden, to many projects that just want to practice sustainable design and construction principles.  QuEst can guide the team to look at all of the cost/benefit scenarios for a project to be truly sustainable in practice, AND save the end user money over the life of the building.